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Harken 29mm Carbo T2 Single Block (0)

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Harken 29mm Carbo T2 Single Block (0)

Harken 29mm Carbo T2 Single Block (0)

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T2™ Soft-Attach Carbo

Harken® offers these patent-pending, high-strength, soft-attach blocks in 18 to 57 mm sizes. The 18 mm block features stainless steel ball bearings and an integrated stainless inner race and rivet for optimal strength-to-weight. The 29, 40, and 57 mm blocks feature composite sheaves that spin freely on Delrin® ball bearings with curved bearing races. They have no metal shackles or rivets, making them the lightest soft-attach blocks Harken has ever designed.

All T2 blocks are lashed or spliced through the load-bearing center of the block, decreasing the loads on the sideplates and acting as a safety backup for the system. Use for traveler controls, mainsheets and vangs, cascades, bridles, and other systems where small lightweight blocks are called for.

T2™ Loop

The T2™ Loop’s on/off loop system slides through the block head and over the anchor post for a secure connection. A SK75 Dyneema® loop is included. Replacement loops available.


T2™ blocks come in single and double configurations and can be tied, spliced, or lashed to almost anything. T2 doubles feature composite line guides that are integrated into the block head. They keep the block aligned correctly by pushing the lashing line to the outer edges of the block's head.

A length of Spectra® line is included.

Delrin® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Dyneema. Spectra® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc.


  • Sheave Ø 40 mm | 1-9/16 in
  • Length 57 mm | 2-1/4 in
  • Weight 25 g | 0.9 oz
  • Maximum line Ø 10 mm | 3/8 in
  • Maximum working load 220 kg | 485 lb
  • Breaking load 544 kg | 1200 lb

Prix de vente$33.50

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Harken 29mm Carbo T2 Single Block (0)
Harken 29mm Carbo T2 Single Block (0) Prix de vente$33.50

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