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3mm Marlow Excel Racing Rope

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3mm Marlow Excel Racing Rope

3mm Marlow Excel Racing Rope


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The Marlow Excel Racing line combines a 12-strand Dyneema SK78 core wit a 16-plait polyester cover. A durable line with high strength for halyards, control lines and some sheeting applications. The core colour is matched to the cover.


  • Braided Dyneema ® core –easy to taper (4mm+) with extremely low stretch
  • 16-plait cover – hardwearing, easy to grip in small diameters.
  • Holds well in cleats
  • Distinctive colours, makes for easy line identification while racing
  • Marlow Pre-stretched Dyneema SK78 core ensures line will have minimal stretch when used
  • Flexible through tight radii of blocks
Diameter 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Average Break load (kg) 224 463 995 1434 2056
Weight (kg/100m) 0.29 0.58 1.24 1.84 2.41

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3mm Marlow Excel Racing Rope
3mm Marlow Excel Racing Rope Prix de vente$0.65

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