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ILCA Vang base - Ronstan

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ILCA Vang base - Ronstan

ILCA Vang base - Ronstan

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68 Rue du Sirocco
Gatineau QC J9A 0C5


New ILCA® Lower Vang Unit


Lowest friction ILCA® vang unit available.

HHL sheave for the high load primary sheave.

Easy cleating and releasing from any angle.

Pivot point close to clevis pin attachment to minimise stresses on mast fitting.

Optimised geometry to eliminate line chafe and friction.

Composite C-Cleat™ and fairlead.

ILCA® licensed part available for purchase through ILCA® approved builders and dealers. 

Precio de oferta$234.00

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ILCA Vang base - Ronstan
ILCA Vang base - Ronstan Precio de oferta$234.00

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