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Stay ahead of the curve with the latest additions in sailing gear at Kaos Lifestyle. Explore our newly added products, designed with the modern youth and dinghy sailor in mind. Serving Canada and the United States, we ensure you sail with the best.

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Ronstan Clear Start Watch Big Face
8mm Allen dog bone8mm Allen dog bone
8mm Allen dog bone Precio de oferta$13.00
Mast Lock with Retainer Line
Sheaveless BlockSheaveless Block
Sheaveless Block Precio de oferta$14.00

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Allen Flexi-Joint Square Tiller Extension Universal Joint
C420 Jib SheetC420 Jib Sheet
C420 Jib Sheet Precio de oferta$34.00

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C420 Mainsheet 7mmC420 Mainsheet 7mm
C420 Mainsheet 7mm Precio de oferta$23.00

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C420 Bow Line/ Tow line
C420 Bow Line/ Tow line Precio de oferta$38.00
Opti Painter (Tow Line)
Opti Painter (Tow Line) Precio de oferta$15.00
Ex-Charter Optimist PackageEx-Charter Optimist Package
Far East
Ex-Charter Optimist Package Precio de ofertaDesde $2,586.00
C-Springs HD ILCA Autobailer Replacement SpringsC-Springs HD ILCA Autobailer Replacement Springs
Pro Masthead Mount VanePro Masthead Mount Vane
Pro Masthead Mount Vane Precio de oferta$27.00

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Original Wind IndicatorOriginal Wind Indicator
Original Wind Indicator Precio de oferta$49.00
C-Vane Replacement Arrow
C-Vane Replacement Arrow Precio de oferta$12.00
Gorilla Optimist Foil Bag
Gorilla Optimist Foil Bag Precio de oferta$94.00
ILCA 4 Dinghy
Element 6
ILCA 4 Dinghy Precio de ofertaDesde $8,882.00
ILCA 6 Dinghy
Element 6
ILCA 6 Dinghy Precio de ofertaDesde $8,882.00
Optimist Quilted "Hydrolite" Top CoverOptimist Quilted "Hydrolite" Top Cover
Optimist "Hydrolite" Quilted Hull coverOptimist "Hydrolite" Quilted Hull cover
Optimist "Gridlock" Event CoverOptimist "Gridlock" Event Cover
Laser "Tufftex" Top CoverLaser "Tufftex" Top Cover
Laser "Tufftex" Top Cover Precio de oferta$188.00
ILCA / Laser 3 Section Mast Bag
ILCA / Laser "Hydrolite" Top CoverILCA / Laser "Hydrolite" Top Cover
ILCA / Laser "Grid Lock" Hull CoverILCA / Laser "Grid Lock" Hull Cover
Polilite ILCA Pink Mainsheet
Polilite ILCA Pink Mainsheet Precio de oferta$45.00
Teflon Wear Strips
Teflon Wear Strips Precio de oferta$14.00
20mm Single Tii-On Block20mm Single Tii-On Block
20mm Single Tii-On Block Precio de oferta$16.00
20mm Double Tii-On Block20mm Double Tii-On Block
20mm Double Tii-On Block Precio de oferta$42.00
18mm Fly Soft-Attach Block
18mm Fly Soft-Attach Block Precio de oferta$23.00
ILCA Wear ProtectorsILCA Wear Protectors
ILCA Wear Protectors Precio de oferta$22.00
30mm Extreme High Load Dynamic Block with Kicker Key30mm Extreme High Load Dynamic Block with Kicker Key

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ILCA Mast Teflon Disc
ILCA Mast Teflon Disc Precio de oferta$8.00
ILCA 4 Sail
ILCA 4 Sail Precio de oferta$712.00
Superwarm Headband
Superwarm Headband Precio de oferta$15.00
Shock CordShock Cord
Shock Cord Precio de oferta$1.00

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Fareast Optimist Mast sleeve w Deck Collar
Optimist Rudder Pintles and Gudgeon Set
Sail Number Installation
Harken 29mm Carbo T2 Single Block (0)
Dinghy Control Line
Dinghy Control Line Precio de ofertaDesde $1.00

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Clamcleat Clamcleat Racing Micros with Becket Anodized
Robline Sk78 Dynema
Robline Sk78 Dynema Precio de ofertaDesde $1.00
ILCA Traveler LineILCA Traveler Line
Kaos Lifestyles
ILCA Traveler Line Precio de ofertaDesde $23.00
Rooster 60L Roll top Welded DrybagRooster 60L Roll top Welded Drybag
Roll Top Dry Bag 10LRoll Top Dry Bag 10L
Roll Top Dry Bag 10L Precio de oferta$36.00

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Race BibRace Bib
Race Bib Precio de oferta$34.00

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Rooster Quick Dry UFV 50+ Tech Long sleeved ShirtRooster Quick Dry UFV 50+ Tech Long sleeved Shirt
Rooster Pro Race 5 Gloves
Rooster Pro Race 5 Gloves Precio de oferta$43.00