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Optimist Sail Number Grey
Robline Sk78 Dynema
Robline Sk78 Dynema Sale priceFrom $1.00
Sail Number Installation
Optimist Tapered Mainsheet

2 colors available

Optimist Dolly
Far East
Optimist Dolly Sale price$223.00
Dyneema Chafe Sleeve

2 colors available

Harken 29mm Carbo T2 Single Block (0)
Clamcleat Clamcleat Racing Micros with Becket Anodized
Optimist CD Race SailOptimist CD Race Sail
Wind Indicator
Far East
Wind Indicator Sale price$27.00
Kaos Lifestyles
Towline Sale price$21.00
Optimist Foil BagOptimist Foil Bag
Optimist Foil Bag Sale price$95.00
Far East
Far East Optimist Sail Sale priceFrom $152.00
Optimist Paddle
Far East
Optimist Paddle Sale price$18.00
Far East
Optimist Daggerboard Sale priceFrom $95.00
Sold outOptimist Quilted "Hydrolite" Top CoverOptimist Quilted "Hydrolite" Top Cover
Sold outOptimist "Hydrolite" Quilted Hull coverOptimist "Hydrolite" Quilted Hull cover
Sold outOptimist "Gridlock" Event CoverOptimist "Gridlock" Event Cover
Oriental 3 Pre- order for 2024 DeliveryOriental 3 Pre- order for 2024 Delivery

5 colors available

Shock CordShock Cord
Shock Cord Sale price$1.00

2 colors available

Fareast Optimist Mast sleeve w Deck Collar
Mast Step Round Style Opti Adjustable
Optimist Rudder Pintles and Gudgeon Set
Rooster Water Bottles
ILCA 10'' Sail Number & LettersILCA 10'' Sail Number & Letters

2 colors available

Rooster Optimist Pro Plus Padded Toe strap
TPU Air BagTPU Air Bag
Far East
TPU Air Bag Sale price$53.00
Optimist Top Cover
Far East
Optimist Top Cover Sale price$205.00
Far East
Optimist Tiller Sale price$42.00
Optimist Spar
Far East
Optimist Spar Sale priceFrom $193.00
Far East
Optimist Rudder Sale priceFrom $95.00
Far East
Optimist Mainsheet Package Sale priceFrom $84.00
Optimist Hull
Far East
Optimist Hull Sale priceFrom $1,697.00
Far East
Optimist Blade Bag Sale price$110.00
Optimist BailerOptimist Bailer
Far East
Optimist Bailer Sale priceFrom $14.00

3 colors available

Optimist packageOptimist package
Far East
Optimist package Sale priceFrom $2,986.00



Explore our Optimist collection, featuring an extensive range of products tailored specifically for the beloved Optimist dinghy. From sails to accessories, we've curated a one-stop destination to enhance your Optimist sailing experience, whether you're a young enthusiast or a seasoned competitor.